MassageAfter being guided through a gentle relaxation of body and mind, you are encouraged to release tension and anxiety through the breath. However you are feeling, body massage will release stress and tension, help to relax you, restore your sense of well-being and help to re-balance your physical, emotional and spiritual self.

Boosting the immune system, massage helps to prevent illness and disease, stimulating the blood supply, improving circulation and assisting the muscles in breaking down and disposing of accumulated waste products.

  • helps to raise energy levels
  • breaks down knotted muscle tissue
  • clears the mind of confusion
  • reduces stress and tension
  • gently exercises the muscles
  • improves circulation of lymph and blood
  • flushes out harmful toxins
  • boosts immune system
  • increases wellbeing
  • provides healthy, healing touch
  • conveys positive energy from practitioner to client

As massage after exercise is particularly beneficial, Deborah massages marathon and cross-country runners, as well as anyone who has tension in their backs and legs from everyday living and working.

Massage, especially when executed with the right intention, can take the body and mind to a place of deep relaxation and healing.

Regular massage helps to keep the body healthy. It relieves tired, aching muscles and leaves you feeling great!