Client’s Comments


” I had my first ever reflexology with you in May last year whilst trying to conceive. I then had the period from hell, and then fell pregnant. I just wanted to update you and thank you, I now have a beautiful eight week old daughter, who has just started being massaged following your baby massage course that I did with my other daughter.”
Jane Evans, Biggin Hill 

Deborah Goodman has been treating my 19 year son, who has special needs, for 18 months. He has suffered from chonic migraine since the age of two, but in recent years the frequency and intensity increased to such a point he was placed under daily medication by his Consultant. Despite the medication he was still suffering 3-4 migraines each month, we then sought help from Deborah. She initially treated him on a weekly basis and now sees him fortnightly. The reflexology regime has given my son relief from his migraines, and if he does suffer an attack the migraine is not as intense as he has endured previously. My son enjoys the treatments and finds the whole experience relaxing and calming.
Alison Holbrook , Orpington 

“Deborah has been my therapist for over 3 years. I was getting lots of headaches and my GP suggested that I see a reflexologist, although the GP did not recommend anyone. I have since mentioned Deborah to my GP, as she has been a great help to me. Not only have my headaches virtually stopped but with Deborah’s assistance I am also getting through the menopause without the need for HRT. The power of reflexology and its benefits are amazing. Her knowledge of essential oils is truly great and her recommendations have been a tremendous help. Since I started seeing Deborah my whole attitude is a lot more positive. She will often spend time talking and listening to me and I certainly feel so much better after my treatment, both physically and mentally. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Deborah.”
Linda Snape


“Just to let you know – for the first time I can remember – in years – I SLEPT for 11 hours!! Thank you so much  – I felt great when I got up today (10am – a first – ever!) & have been on-the-go ever since!! The bowels back to normal – already!! (Thank goodness!) Thank God I have got you. Thanks! Thanks! – and more thanks.”
Ros, Orpington (nurse) 

“Deborah, I just wanted to tell you that the last massage you gave me had amazing results! As a therapist myself, even I was amazed! To be honest, I don’t know how I even managed to have the treatment last Monday I felt so terrible with my jetlag. I was all over the place and was really worried how I was going to make it through the week as I didn’t get home from work before 10:30pm any night. As soon as you finished my treatment I felt human again and gradually felt better as the day went on. On Tuesday morning I was back to my normal self, just tired. Thanks you so much I really don’t know what I would have done without you.”
Marney Lawson, Holistic Therapist


“My elderly mother is in a care home and suffers with dementia. I contacted Deborah and asked if she would give my mother an aromatherapy massage. The day after the massage my sister went to see Mum and she told me that the change in Mum was extraordinary; her eyes were bright and open, she was smiling and seemed more responsive than for a long time. I live in France and I wish that I could have been there to have seen my mother, it’s such a wonderful thing that Deborah is doing. My sister said that she hadn’t seen Mum like that for ages.”
Yolante  karwinska


“Deborah has been my therapist for three years, during which time I have had concerns that have all affected my general health and well-being. Not only did Deborah’s treatments calm me, but she offered me the time, space and support I needed to reflect on those issues. Deborah ensures that each treatment is focused on your physical and emotional well-being, balancing your body and spirit. The reflexology in particular ensured that my recent pregnancy and subsequent labour were as effective as possible, and Deborah’s calmness and relaxation techniques helped me prepare for dealing with the birth and the pressures of motherhood in the first few weeks. The support and advice she has offered me during many periods in my life has ensured that I continue to have a positive outlook on life. For the fully holistic, friendly, truly supportive therapist, I cannot recommend Deborah highly enough”
Lee Lam

“Deborah has been providing me with regular massage and reflexology for two years. Deborah always takes the time to ensure that each treatment is properly tailored to suit my needs, whether they are to tackle a particular ailment or simply to promote relaxation. This client-focused approach, combined with her professional expertise, ensures that each treatment directly benefits my own health and well-being. These benefits are further enhanced by Deborah’s willingness to share her very broad knowledge of holistic healthcare. In summary, Deborah perfectly combines a professional approach with a friendly and supportive manner and I would highly recommend her.”
Graham M, Orpington

“Just wanted to say that, after three weeks spent feeling absolutely knackered with constantly tired legs, I now feel absolutely awesome – all down to your massage – thanks a lot”
GM, Orpington