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Bringing more Joy to ourselves and our world

After many years of sadness in my life, I finally broke through the cloud of fear and doubt and discovered that there was a better way to live. Over the past 15 years I have learned how to raise and sustain a higher vibration and have been living with much more joy and happiness. It’s wonderful to know that, whatever is going on around me in life – whether I am wobbling because of grief, fear or doubt – I always know how to bring myself back to love and joy.

We are all vibrating energy. As I am sure you can understand, Joy and Love vibrate on a high and wonderful level, whereas the emotions of grief, fear and doubt are very low vibrations and can cause us sickness and unhappiness.

I am thrilled to announce that I am now a recommended practitioner of the iiofJoy (International Instituere of Joy). They are a wonderful team of amazing people, dedicated to helping others to raise and sustain a joyful vibration. They do this through the provision of information on events, courses and services to their mailing list and members.

Think of them as the ‘Internet of Joyful People, Services and Things.’


Photo from the iiofjoy website

Each person has a frequency, a personal note or sound and a colour. This is known as an energy signature. A unique fingerprint in this wonderful universe.



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In 2016, iiofJoy are giving away 1000’s of free taster sessions on their Holistic Life Success Skills pre-course, which is worth £350!

You can get a place on the whole 6-module course when you become a JOY, JOYFUL or BLISS member. Use the Launch Discount CodeJOY2016J to get half price membership until March 2016. Alternatively you can claim one FREE taster session by signing up to their FREE mailing list. There is no limit to how many places will be offered, so share the JOY and tell your friends and family!

Go to the iiofJoy website to Find our more here


Fighting a winning war against cancer

Fighting a winning war against cancer

Two weeks ago I attended the funeral of my mums cousin, aunty Dod. At the funeral, I met with another cousin of my Mums and his wife, Janet. Eleven years ago Janet was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Yes, that’s right, I did say ELEVEN YEARS AGO! Meeting her two weeks ago she says she is on medication but honestly, she looked and sounded perfectly fine to me!

This is what Janet said about her cancer on a chat site in 2009.

‘2003 “I have bad news for you” were the words that introduced me to the world of cancer. I was expecting to be told I had a gallstone. I felt cheated in fact I felt like asking for my national insurance contributions back. The first scan read Pancreatic Cancer with multiple secondary: including numerous large tumours taking up most of the right lobe of my liver, and adrenal gland.
Breaking the bitter news was hard.
Further tests revealed I had a rare form of cancer called Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Cancer, with multiple secondaries to liver, both adrenal glands (one so large it was displacing my kidney) and in two lobes of my right lung including my windpipe.

At that time the World was a very lonely place, with no other person, with personal experience, to discuss the disease with.
On the day of diagnosis I declared war on cancer.
I told it “you have picked on the wrong girl this time, you think that am scared of you: you had better be scared of me. I will not come alone. I will bring with me all my love of this universe, this planet, its people, its animals, plants and the beauty of it. The strength and bonds of those who love me. I will find brilliant courageous doctors and surgeons. I will cut you out, poison you, nuke you, until every last one of you has been eradicated!”
That was my first threat and challenge to the disease.
Boy did I feel better.
Then I set about making this happen.
I changed my diet, prayed, meditated, exercised, read and investigated everything possible about this new and alien world of cancer.
I used my mind.
I used my imagination.
Many diverse metaphors and visualizations filled my head, they pushed out fear.
Fear is not good.
I saw cancer as a cowardly enemy hiding away in my body.
A thief stealing ones health, mobility, peace of mind and often those you love.
I detest cowards and do not like thieves much either!
One chapter in my book is tilted ‘ No Terms Of Engagement’.
In my war against cancer there is no Geneva Convention.
I would take no prisoners: that includes myself.’

Just goes to show is all I’m saying….

Yoga and Mindfulness Weekend Retreat

With Christiane Kerr & Sarah Linsey
Oxon Hoath  Hadlow  Kent 18 – 20 October 2013
mindfulness retreat house

Oxon Hoath is a stately home, situated in 73 acres of beautiful Kent countryside and is the perfect place to relax and unwind. A haven of peace and tranquillity only 45 minutes South East of London in Hadlow, near Tonbridge, Kent.
mindfulness retreat roomThe yoga will take place in the spacious and light dance studio and will include asana, breath work and relaxation; a quiet and explorative approach influenced by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli. Mindfulness exercises taught as part of the weekend will serve to deepen and enhance the experience.

mindfulness retreat loungeYou will arrive at your retreat from 5pm Friday and unwind with your first yoga session before supper, followed by an optional relaxation session before bedtime. Both Saturday and Sunday mornings will begin with an early breathing and mindful movement practice before breakfast.  There will be longer yoga sessions each morning before lunch and afternoons will be free to explore the beautiful countryside and relax.

We will also have an experienced therapist who can offer aromatherapy massage, reflexology and Indian head massage, as well as blend oils for clients. Booking in advance is essential.

On Saturday there will be an evening yoga session before supper and an optional mindfulness session before bedtime. On Sunday there will be a final session before the retreat ends at 5pm.

The vegetarian food has a high reputation and the bedrooms are comfortable. Accommodation is mostly in twin rooms with ensuite bathrooms; those without an ensuite have a bathroom close by. There are a few single rooms which can be booked for a supplement. There are public rooms for relaxing and socialising with a small bar if desired.
mindfulness retreat bed
The full cost of the retreat including all yoga sessions, accommodation and delicious vegetarian meals is £320. There will be a small supplement if anyone has additional dietary requirements.
The weekend is open to all levels of yoga students from beginners to those more experienced who wish to deepen their experience of yoga and their own personal practice. Two teachers will enable students get plenty of attention and work at their own level. All yoga and mindfulness sessions are optional.

For more information or to book, please contact Christiane or Sarah.
Places are limited to 18.

Christiane Kerr: 0208 995 3352 info@calmforkids.com
Linsey: 07790 168863 www.sarahlinseyyoga.co.uk
Hoath: www.oxonhoath.co.uk

Introducing the new and innovative treatment programme: Free From…SMOKING

This is a special deal to only the first five clients. Offer ends on the 15th October 2013 so please book asap
Usual cost £195, special offer available to only 5 clients. Cost £95. (The average 20 a day smoker will spend at least £200 per month on cigarettes)
For further information or to book, please contact Steph on 07734 525888
or email freefromprogrammes@gmail.com

free from smoking
We are pleased to introduce a new team of three complementary therapists who offer a new enhanced treatment by mixing different therapies together to offer one single effective programme.

Their aim is to make the process of becoming a non-smoker easier. It is often thought that stopping smoking is difficult because of the nicotine addiction. Surprisingly it is actually more to do with the mental thought processes which are associated with smoking and this is where these therapists can help.


The subconscious mind can be trained by habitual repetition and this is how smoking becomes addictive. Although we recognise that nicotine gives smokers an initial “rush”, the nicotine itself is not actually addictive. It’s just the habit of smoking that the brain has become addicted.

Hypnotherapy on its own has always had an excellent reputation for helping smokers give up. Success rates are well over 90%! Now these combination of therapies aims to make it a 100% success rate, and ease the process by adding Energy Clearing and Homeopathy to the blend!

Stephane Burton, Alison Endenburg and Jo Constantinou have combined their skills and knowledge to create a highly successful combination programme. This process is thorough and tailor-made to each client allowing understanding of the root cause behind their smoking pattern/habit/addiction. Treatment includes clearing blocks and resistance, one single hypnotherapy session and a kit of homeopathic remedies to support you during the following month.

They are launching this treatment TODAY with a promotional price to the first five people who are serious about giving up smoking. All that they ask is a that candidates have made the personal decision to want to stop smoking and are willing to proffer feedback and a testimonial after completion.