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Fighting a winning war against cancer

Fighting a winning war against cancer

Two weeks ago I attended the funeral of my mums cousin, aunty Dod. At the funeral, I met with another cousin of my Mums and his wife, Janet. Eleven years ago Janet was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Yes, that’s right, I did say ELEVEN YEARS AGO! Meeting her two weeks ago she says she is on medication but honestly, she looked and sounded perfectly fine to me!

This is what Janet said about her cancer on a chat site in 2009.

‘2003 “I have bad news for you” were the words that introduced me to the world of cancer. I was expecting to be told I had a gallstone. I felt cheated in fact I felt like asking for my national insurance contributions back. The first scan read Pancreatic Cancer with multiple secondary: including numerous large tumours taking up most of the right lobe of my liver, and adrenal gland.
Breaking the bitter news was hard.
Further tests revealed I had a rare form of cancer called Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Cancer, with multiple secondaries to liver, both adrenal glands (one so large it was displacing my kidney) and in two lobes of my right lung including my windpipe.

At that time the World was a very lonely place, with no other person, with personal experience, to discuss the disease with.
On the day of diagnosis I declared war on cancer.
I told it “you have picked on the wrong girl this time, you think that am scared of you: you had better be scared of me. I will not come alone. I will bring with me all my love of this universe, this planet, its people, its animals, plants and the beauty of it. The strength and bonds of those who love me. I will find brilliant courageous doctors and surgeons. I will cut you out, poison you, nuke you, until every last one of you has been eradicated!”
That was my first threat and challenge to the disease.
Boy did I feel better.
Then I set about making this happen.
I changed my diet, prayed, meditated, exercised, read and investigated everything possible about this new and alien world of cancer.
I used my mind.
I used my imagination.
Many diverse metaphors and visualizations filled my head, they pushed out fear.
Fear is not good.
I saw cancer as a cowardly enemy hiding away in my body.
A thief stealing ones health, mobility, peace of mind and often those you love.
I detest cowards and do not like thieves much either!
One chapter in my book is tilted ‘ No Terms Of Engagement’.
In my war against cancer there is no Geneva Convention.
I would take no prisoners: that includes myself.’

Just goes to show is all I’m saying….