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Half term Children’s Mindfulness Workshop

Sonya Russo, founder of Waves Mindfulness, has taught mindfulness to over 200 children last year, is DBS registered and works in schools and youth centres teaching mindfulness

Mindfulness Workshop for Children Ages 5-10 yrs.
2 fun filled afternoon mindfulness workshops for your little ones to enjoy.
Over the 2 day course children will learn 6 mediations to help them manage a series of difficult emotions and find ways to self soothe and calm. Over the course we work on common issues such as bed time and behaviour as well as developing our focus and attention skills for school and learning about how to keep our brain healthy.
We will also have a craft activity during each session, and get children to understand mindfulness via drama, discussion, movemet,art and meditation.
This workshop will have some new activities so is suitble for children who have attended our courses in the past.
Session are held at The Studio, 97 Chislehurst High Street. 24th and 25th October. 2-5pm
Parents are asked to come in to the session 10 Minutes before the end to learn the mediation and recieve a handout full of mindful tips for parents.
Booking in advance – please provide snack and drink for your child.






Classes held in Orpington, Kent
7pm – 9:30pm

Pendulum Dousing can be used in a variety of different ways. In the most simple form, you can use it to answer questions or aid in decision making.

This is a fun class of 8 people run by Jo Constantinou.

  • Meditation to connect to attune and work at your highest level for self
    guidance and growth
  • The benefits of using a pendulum
  • Basic commands and communication when using a pendulum
  • How to ask questions and use a pendulum in your life for support, grounding,
    clearing and healing
  • Free dowsing chart for general health and well-being and to practice at

Cost of the class is £30.
Contact me on or 07816 873632