Aromatherapy Parties

Would you like to host an aromatherapy party for you and your friends?

aromatherapy party productsHost a party and you will receive 20% of the total sales worth of products for yourself!

If you live in the Borough of Bromley area of Kent, all you have to do is arrange a date with Deborah, who will provide the products and the knowledge, and then invite your friends to your home for an evening of fun and shopping!


The products typically include:

  • aromatherapy face gelsjasmin_cream_box_pot_300x300 neroli_aloe_cream_box_pot_300x300
  • candles
  • bath bombs
  • face creams
  • body lotions
  • shower exfoliants

t tree & geranium mini candle frankincense_rose face gel

  • body butters
  • hand washes
  • lip balms
  • bath crystals
  • Natural deoderants

jasmin and mimosa body polish frankincense and rose body polish

  • Shower gels
  • Shampoos
  • Conditioners