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Introducing the new and innovative treatment programme: Free From…SMOKING

This is a special deal to only the first five clients. Offer ends on the 15th October 2013 so please book asap
Usual cost £195, special offer available to only 5 clients. Cost £95. (The average 20 a day smoker will spend at least £200 per month on cigarettes)
For further information or to book, please contact Steph on 07734 525888
or email

free from smoking
We are pleased to introduce a new team of three complementary therapists who offer a new enhanced treatment by mixing different therapies together to offer one single effective programme.

Their aim is to make the process of becoming a non-smoker easier. It is often thought that stopping smoking is difficult because of the nicotine addiction. Surprisingly it is actually more to do with the mental thought processes which are associated with smoking and this is where these therapists can help.


The subconscious mind can be trained by habitual repetition and this is how smoking becomes addictive. Although we recognise that nicotine gives smokers an initial “rush”, the nicotine itself is not actually addictive. It’s just the habit of smoking that the brain has become addicted.

Hypnotherapy on its own has always had an excellent reputation for helping smokers give up. Success rates are well over 90%! Now these combination of therapies aims to make it a 100% success rate, and ease the process by adding Energy Clearing and Homeopathy to the blend!

Stephane Burton, Alison Endenburg and Jo Constantinou have combined their skills and knowledge to create a highly successful combination programme. This process is thorough and tailor-made to each client allowing understanding of the root cause behind their smoking pattern/habit/addiction. Treatment includes clearing blocks and resistance, one single hypnotherapy session and a kit of homeopathic remedies to support you during the following month.

They are launching this treatment TODAY with a promotional price to the first five people who are serious about giving up smoking. All that they ask is a that candidates have made the personal decision to want to stop smoking and are willing to proffer feedback and a testimonial after completion.


Everybody Matters: A tribute to a very special man.

Yesterday I attended the funeral of a client of mine. Geoff was a wonderful man who had Multiple Sclerosis and each week I went to the care home where he lived and massagewhite featherd his feet for him. The thing that most struck me with Geoff is that I never once heard him complain and that he always enquired about my wellbeing when I was there. He would never let a visit go by without telling me a joke or two and he would tell me constantly that ‘everybody matters’. How true that is. Everybody DOES matter and in this busy fast-paced world that we live in, it’s good to be reminded of that.

As I massaged Geoff’s feet, he would close his eyes and go to a place of peace and calm and a wonderful smile would appear on his face. Before I left him, relaxed in his bed, I would touch his hand and say goodbye and he would always say to me ‘God bless you’. Those were our last words to each other.

As I left my house for the funeral yesterday I saw a white feather. God Bless you Geoffrey…. everybody matters.

Not my first blog but the first on my brand new website

Hi everyone.
I’m so pleased to launch my new website today. It needs some more work but at least now it’s up and running and I can interact with other social media, and with you, in a more efficient and professional way.
I’ve dDeborahone two blogs before. The first blog I ever did was when I was fundraising and training for my Great Wall of China Trek. The second blog I did was for my Kilimanjaro Trek. Both came in very handy to refer back to when writing my book.
I’m looking forward to blogging again on my brand new WordPress website! I’ll be learning how to navigate around WordPress as I go.
Here’s looking forward to learning, and sharing, new and exciting things.

~ Namaste ~