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Bringing more Joy to ourselves and our world

After many years of sadness in my life, I finally broke through the cloud of fear and doubt and discovered that there was a better way to live. Over the past 15 years I have learned how to raise and sustain a higher vibration and have been living with much more joy and happiness. It’s wonderful to know that, whatever is going on around me in life – whether I am wobbling because of grief, fear or doubt – I always know how to bring myself back to love and joy.

We are all vibrating energy. As I am sure you can understand, Joy and Love vibrate on a high and wonderful level, whereas the emotions of grief, fear and doubt are very low vibrations and can cause us sickness and unhappiness.

I am thrilled to announce that I am now a recommended practitioner of the iiofJoy (International Instituere of Joy). They are a wonderful team of amazing people, dedicated to helping others to raise and sustain a joyful vibration. They do this through the provision of information on events, courses and services to their mailing list and members.

Think of them as the ‘Internet of Joyful People, Services and Things.’


Photo from the iiofjoy website

Each person has a frequency, a personal note or sound and a colour. This is known as an energy signature. A unique fingerprint in this wonderful universe.



Claim your free taster session on the pre-course worth £350! 

In 2016, iiofJoy are giving away 1000’s of free taster sessions on their Holistic Life Success Skills pre-course, which is worth £350!

You can get a place on the whole 6-module course when you become a JOY, JOYFUL or BLISS member. Use the Launch Discount CodeJOY2016J to get half price membership until March 2016. Alternatively you can claim one FREE taster session by signing up to their FREE mailing list. There is no limit to how many places will be offered, so share the JOY and tell your friends and family!

Go to the iiofJoy website to Find our more here